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SAML2.X (Revising the SAML2.0 Specs)

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For SAML2.0 developers, users and vendors, it is perhaps worthwhile noting that the OASIS Security Services TC (SSTC) has started the process of revising the SAML2.0 specs.

Here is what the SSTC group has agreed to so far:

  • All approved errata, along with any errata presented to the TC subsequent to the last approval, are to be applied to the specifications, or the specifications may be reworded to include the spirit of the errata identified.
  • All original SAML 2.0 message formats are intended to remain unchanged in the new version except in cases where outright errors existed and were corrected through errata or subsequent specifications. This includes preservation of core XML namespaces.
  • To the greatest extent possible, existing implementations of SAML 2.0 features should be compatible with the new standard, and any areas of divergence should be minimized and clearly identified.
  • Some extensions and profiles published after SAML 2.0 ought to be incorporated in some fashion into the base standard to promote adoption and reduce the number of documents needed to address critical features.
  • Significant changes to the Conformance statements for the standard are to be expected. We do not expect that every new feature or existing extension would be made mandatory to implement.
  • Material related to a variety of threats implementers ought to be aware of should be drafted and incorporated.

Please visit the wiki containing the SAML2Revision plans. The SSTC is seeking input from the broader SAML2.0 community.


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May 31st, 2012 at 8:12 pm

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